Worship like it's 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot about worship music.  I just read a blog post about how worship is all the same.  It wasn’t eye opening.  I already knew that.  But his point was that worship sounds like Coldplay and U2, which isn’t bad, but those artists aren’t pushing big numbers on the charts today.  He made the point that we need to catch up and shift with current trends.  I don’t disagree, but I kind of do.  

I think that we should try to be pushing forward.  New sounds.  New genres.  Right now we are just playing catch-up.  Hillsong’s newest albums are good, but they sound like albums from a few years ago.  Elevation is awesome, but they aren’t breaking any molds.  This whole Christian music culture is just chasing the coat tails.  We can’t even ride the coat tails though, we are not close enough.  

I predict that so many Mumford and Sons rip off worship albums will come out next year.  I mean, Phillip Phillips ripped them off this year, so Christian music can’t be but 1-5 years behind him!  

What can we do?  Well, we need to try.  I don’t know how we succeed, but doing nothing is not the right answer. 

See, I’m the worst example of this.  At church, we sound closer to Elevation than any other specific artist, but that means we are copying a copy.  It really starts losing quality.  At NCU we sounded a bit like Hillsong with attempts to be Gungor-esque.  Gungor is closer than Hillsong to original, but still, their worship songs aren’t very ground-breaking.

Today I sat down and started working on an electronic worship sound.  Think Skrillex with less talent.  I’m trying, but it’s still me trying to sound like something that isn’t my own.  I feel like I have no originality right now, and that is frustrating.  But, I do think you will hear some dubsteppish worship out of me in the near future.  

Thoughts?  How do we fix this trend?