I Don't Care

I’m beginning to use this phrase a lot more.  When someone asks me about the:

Presidential elections -  I don’t care  

Guns -   I don’t care  

Legalization of drugs -  I don’t care

Taxes -   I don’t care

Almost anything political is met with this phrase now.  I mention this, because it’s new.  I was not always like this.  I used to care immensely.  

-Here is where I divulge an embarrassing fact-

I’ve never done drugs (not the embarrassing part).  Not because I thought it was wrong (which I do), but because I wanted to be a politician and I thought that would hurt my chances.

Now you know. 

But, what’s become more and more clear to me is that our country's politics are just not that important.  I’m downright tired of hearing about them!  Now, this is not to say there are no important issues.  I believe strongly that abortion is wrong.  I also believe that human trafficking is terrible.  I think human rights and equality are huge issues.  I think homelessness and poverty are real issues.  The problem is, they are not political issues, but moral issues.  

We search and search for a way to legislate these issues, but that falls apart so quickly.  For a Christian, it is easy to say that these issues are wrong because we believe in a God that created.  With that creation, there is dignity and beauty.  We should respect the dignity and beauty that God put in each human.  

As long as we are on the subject, I believe God created the earth and everything in it and therefor the planet is to be treated with respect as well.  We are to bring wholeness to the planet, not trash it further.

But, as I said, this should be easy for Christians to gather from the Bible.  This, then, is where legislation falls apart.  We are trying to legislate for all what can really only be appreciated through the theistic lens.  If there is no God or creator, then what constitutes our morality.  If I believe in evolutionary naturalism (bear with me on this, I will get into my beliefs on “the beginning” more in other posts), then there is nothing stopping me from dominating another human or killing him just to get ahead.  This is how it’s done in the animal kingdom.  If that is my only outlook on how life works, where could morality come from?  Really, any other argument for morality falls flat.  

Which brings me back to why I don’t like politics anymore-

If we are at the point of legislating something, we have already failed.

I like to use the example of welfare.  People get fired up about welfare.  Both conservatives and liberals.  It’s a hot button issue.  It should make all Christians angry.  We, the church, are forcing the government to do what we were commanded to do.  Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and house the homeless.  Matthew 25:35 doesn’t say, “For I was hungry and the government gave me food, I was thirsty and food stamps gave me drink, I was a stranger and the shelter welcomed me”

It is our job.  If we keep neglecting our duty as Christians, we will be having to legislate a lot more in the future.  

"Politics are not the task of a Christian."
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer