The Role of the Woman

I hear a lot of Bible-centric pastors talk about the role of women as the submissive.  I feel like they have missed the point.  

To the woman he said, "I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for  your husband, and he shall rule over you."    -Genesis 3:16

The beginning of patriarchy and complementarianism was in the garden of Eden for sure.  There can be no doubt of this.  My question is in regards to how it came about.  In this verse God is handing out the curse on Eve.  The curse, then, is basis for the subordinate role of women.  

What is our goal as Christians?  Are we not in the business of bringing wholeness back to the earth?  Tikkun Olam?  Repairing the World.  If the world was without flaw before the fall, shouldn't we be repairing back to that?  

Before Jesus was even on the scene, Rabbi's taught that it was our role to help repair the world with the creator.  Instead of seeing the history of the world as a never ending down slope, they saw the fall as a drop off a cliff right to the base of a taller mountain.  We are to be climbing up.  Repairing the brokenness of the fall.  

If we were really concerned with being Biblically accurate, we would have to accept that Jesus elevated women to a role in the church and in daily life that was never even considered before.  Women were the first witnesses to the resurrection in a society that didn't count females as legal witnesses.  Women were disciples, teachers, apostles, and even authors.  

All this to say:  If women were equal before the fall, then the curse should be something we fight to repair.  Jesus seemed to see it that way...